Blind Date!

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Last night I watched my wife have a blind date with a clown and it was awesome and hilarious.

If you can, go see Blind Date at Buddies! (Some of you may have heard of the show before, well this is the gay version.) Only 2 more shows, tonight and tomorrow: tonight is the gay male version, tomorrow the lesbian version.

Seriously go, it's so great. We might be going back tonight.

Sweet (bitter)sweet victory

I am so happy that I got to be there to witness the Wild Card game last night. My heart was in my throat many times, and Edwin's 11th inning homer was magnificent. It was a great game.

I love my Blue Jays.

But I also have to say that I am ashamed to be a Toronto sports fan when beer cans and racial slurs are hurled at opposing players. It should have been purely joyous. It was marred by the actions of a few.

Get your shit together, Toronto. Be decent humans at the very least.

Wild Card!!


I managed to get tickets to tomorrow's Blue Jays Wild Card game!! This is insanely exciting and is making me very very happy!

*does happy Jays dance*

(For those who do not Sports, the Wild Card game is a one-game chance to advance into the Post-Season Division series. It's a do-or-die game.)

All Families are Equal

Today Ontario introduced the All Families are Equal Act. It's a piece of legislation that I've been anxiously awaiting for some time now. (hopefully it will take effect in the new year)

In a nutshell, the All Families are Equal Act gives parents who are not biologically related to their children the same legal rights as any other parent. It gives same-sex parents the same rights granted to hetero parents.

In a practical sense, it means that when Shawn and I have kids we won't have to adopt our own children, or get a declaration of parentage to be legally recognised as our own kid's parents. (either process costing thousands of dollars)

I'm pretty excited about this, and proud that this private-members bill was drafted by my own MPP, Cheri DiNovo (who is pretty amazing, and has worked hard for LGBTQ rights).

This piece of legislation has a huge impact on my life, and the lives of many people in my community. This is a very very good thing.

here are some links:

Hack vs. Tip

A curiosity of language has me pondering...

Lately I can't seem to get away from the term 'hack', as in a life-hack etc. Which, as far as I can tell, seems to be used in place of "tip", "trick" or "suggestion". It confuses me and I can't seem to figure out where this comes from. Everyday I see articles along the lines of "10 Life Hacks that will change everything." But upon reading, these are just tips and suggestions...

I wonder if it has to do with the trend of the Ikea Hack; hacking things apart and putting them together to make something entirely different. But I can't figure out how it came to be used as a term for "a few helpful tips".

Or is it like saying we've hacked into the computer of life and now are sharing these tips with you?

I'm not on social media (except LJ I guess) so I sometimes wonder if I've just missed the evolution. Dictionaries, urban or otherwise, don't have any references to hack being used in this way.

Do you use the word 'hack'? If so, why do you choose 'hack' instead of 'tip' or similar? Any clues as to why this has become so common?

Clean all the things!

Well, maybe not ALL, but I did clean many of the things!

On the surface, every room is tidy. Now I can slowly start the work of sorting through the various parts of the various rooms.

I also donated a large bag of clothes and old bedsheets, and a bag of shoes. The shoe closet looks very nice now, and even has room! (Yes, we have an entire closet just for shoes. And yes, Shawn has at least as many shoes as I do.)

Next, we get a new tool chest and organise the tools. So many tools, so disorganised.

Then, we finally build the clothing rack we have been planning since we moved in. Both of these things will help free up much closet space.

I feel very accomplished. Having a tidy space feels good.

One closed, one closing

Last night Hamlet closed.
There was blood, and tears, and I had to stop the show.

It was another eventful Park closing, and the second heavily bleeding head wound we've had on a closing night.

The show eventually went on.

Tonight we close All's Well, please please let this one be blissfully uneventful.

I am ready to be closed. It's been a long and busy summer. I'm tired.

I get some time off now, too much time of not working actually, but I'm looking forward to a break.

I plan to do a big apartment autumn cleaning, and get to work on some crafty projects of my own. Also, lots of cooking. I need more home cooked meals in my life.

Babies and Baseball

That was my day. Baby snuggles and baseball, at the same time.

What else could I possibly want?

And, to top off a great day, an actor friend of mine sent me a beautiful necklace that he brought back for me from Ghana.

It was a very good day.
new hair

A leaf on the wind

It was a good bike ride to work this morning. 35 minutes from my door in Parkdale to Buddies. I'm a leaf on the wind. Not that I'm racing, but I do like to track my time.

Today I took the lakeside path east, and Sherbourne north. Even though on paper it's not as direct as street routes, it was faster in the end, and a much nicer ride. (no cars, less red lights, the beautiful lake)

After rehearsal I'll take Sherbourne back down to the lake, and the lake path to High Park. Even just the smoothness of the bike paths is worth going out of my way for a better ride. For me it's as much about the experience as it is about the speed. Today I'll be cycling about 27km.

I got a new bike in May. Her name is Midnight Raspberry and I love her.
I live so close to the lakeside bike path, it seemed silly to not use it. I've also been trying to be more active, and I was in the best shape of my life when I cycled everywhere. Until this summer I hadn't cycled regularly for about 3 years.

Now I can get places faster than transit, and be happier when I arrive.

Bikes are great. Off-road bike paths are great. Now I just need to find panniers that are both attractive, and fit my laptop. (Surprisingly difficult to find. I'm not into sporty bags.) It's a good problem to have.

Life is good.